Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Pole Dancing

Been months since I post anything. Been busy and I seem to lost interest in blogging.

But I am back. This time I going to talk about Pole Dancing. I like to try pole dancing for years but don't have the courage to even join the trial.

When I saw on instagram on the pole shorts, decide to buy 1 and use it for other activities but then I tell myself why not I try pole too. Since I been wanted to try it for so long.

So I decide to join PoleLab. They have mix classes which I can join. And they are among the most affortable. Other few studio I did ask but the classes are not that affordable or timing is difficult for me.

Last week was my first lesson and I enjoy it so much. It was so much fun. The instructor was great. I was super nervous on the day. Even want back up but I tell myself this what I been wanting for years.

When I enter the studio , all the nervous is gone. But I feel weird wearing so short shorts. Never I wear so short even at home. When I saw the instructor wore I feel more comfortable. Then when more students too wear similiar it just normal wear for pole.
The issue is what underwear should I wore. I do wear a thong but it still can poke out at the top. Maybe I need get smaller type?

The lesson started with a warm up exercise. It was similiar to those warm up but with additional stretching exercise. It was fun but still I was nervous trying the pole as I only see but never really try.

Can't wait for my 3rd class. Hopely after this I can continue to join more pole classes and one day can do lots of tricks.

Now back to work.

Saturday, 23 July 2016 closing down

"Service Termination


Today we’re announcing that after 1.5 years of operation, we will be shutting down our Singapore Service,, on July 21, 2016. We’re proud of the community that rallied around and are inspired by the incredible feedback and discovery that came from it.


If you still have valid paid token balance in your account, you can submit a refund request through this form. Should you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to shoot us a note at


While it’s sad to say goodbye to, we’re eager to put our hearts to exploring more about e-Commerce. Sold is still operating in Malaysia and Indonesia. You are more than welcome if you got a minute to visit us at &


Thank you for supporting and contributing feedback. We hope you all enjoy the unique experience of FUN into shopping.


- Team -  "

Wasn't shock that they end up closing down. Just 1.5 years ago I attend the launch and now it closed.
Guess they don't make enough to survive.

I already knew this type of business dont last that long. Sad for the workers who need find new jobs.

Those still who have coins faster email them. If not gone ....



Tuesday, 12 July 2016


I not sure if many of you have heard of them. They have review lots of time. On blog, websites even in the news.
Overdose orginate from Johore, Malaysia. They started at Kilang Bateri. A place near Angsana in Johore. The place was once a real battery factory but closed and turn into a lifestyle hub full of cafes, boutique and even music studios.
Ooriginal bring it to Singapore cause they saw how popular the drinks has become. In Johore alone there few store they open other then it original outlet at Kilang Bateri.
Ooriginal is located at East Village which is at Bedok corner.  Those who know the famous halal dim sum restaurant should know where is East village as it just beside.
It is located on the first floor inside the mall.
Nearest mrt station is Tanah Merah.
During fasting month. They open another store at Ramadhan bazzar at geylang serai. Located just behind of Tanjong Katong Complex.
The drink cost $5 per packet. There atleast 5 flavours available. The packet is very durable as there a ziplock to prevent any spilage.

If you buy it in Johore it is only RM5 but it far and you need spend lije few hours to go. Although it kinda ex at $5. It enough for 2 person to drink.
I like the berries and mango drinks. I not fan of chocolate but if you are, you sure love it.
By the way if you get 2, it $9. $1 cheaper. But at the bazaar it still $10 for 2. The discount only at the east village store.
Those interested i suggest go early as they tend to sold out very fast. Bring a friend along. You sure cant finish it alone...

Monday, 27 June 2016

Underwater world

Yesterday 26th June 2016 was the last day of operation for Underwater world. Past 25 years it has been in operation at Siloso point on the islamd of sentosa. It is one of the oldest attraction on the island that still surviving but still it closed down due to low attendance.

I manage to go on the last day of operation. Wasn't planning to go as I know the queue is madness but decide to go as I got lots of time to spare.

The ticket queue move very fast. I only queue for 10 mins before i enter the attractions. Been 10 years since I go. Lots of wonderful and painful memories. This where I bring my first girlfriend. Then now I bring my current 1 too.

Some of the exhibit is closed or already empty as they already move the fish to another country attraction. The dolphin lagoon has been closed earlier and now only left the oceanarium.

The oceanarium isn't huge like it neighbour but just nice to see those animals. I always love to see the fishes. To learn about them, how they survive in the ocean.

I remember having so fun on the travelator. Slowly moving and watch the fishes pass by in a tunnel. Unlike the bigger neighbour. Underwater world only have small tank and one long tunnel which you can walk orbuse the travelator.

The place look old but it still kept intact and in good condition. It has this nostalgic feeling about the place. This where school bring the students for visit to learn about the ocean. Parents bring their child to spent family time. Couple go on a date.

Will miss this attractions. Sad to see the attractions close. It really can't compete with the bigger neighbour which 3 times bigger and has more exhibit which the tickets cost slightly more.

Some people were happy it close cause they dont like animals been kept in captivity but how you going learn about our animals world. To see them and then protect them from extinction. I know not all animals can be kept in captivity but atleast we get to see and learn about them.

Many animal attraction do have a program to learn about them and help them to prevent from extinction.

Before Underwater world, in the 80s there a coral museum which too close down at sentosa. Not much left of yesteryear attraction at sentosa. Sad that all this attraction don't survive.

It wasn't great but it still fun and both adults and kids enjoy going. They have fun and spent the whole day as a family or friends gathering.

Hope Sentosa do something about their attraction as not much are left. Keep building hotel and nothing else to do.

Here are some of the pictures i took of Underwater world. I will post the video on youtube. Do look it up the link here soon.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Bubble5k glow run

I was busy past few months to even post anything.

Finally get to post something. Last month i join the bubble 5k glow run. It was geld at garden by the bay east which is opposite the main garden by the bay.

It was held in the evening cause of glowing bubbles. Yes the bubbles was suppose to glow.

It was more of a disaster as there areas of run seem unsafe to walk. Uneven surface, muddy, even has lots of bugs.

It seem many wasn't enjoying the run at all. Lucky for them there the concert to save the day if not it just stupid.

It was suppose to be before siloso beach party at sentosa last year but was postponed. Not sure why but better as it will look stupid if they continue with it.

That day i wore my 3/4 tights and wasn't that bad . Those in shorts may get beaten by bugs.

The organiser should rethink if this run will ever work again.

Here some pic. It a bit dark in some pics.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Seiko Watches

I rarely wear watches. I am a right hander- I write with my right hand and wear my watches on my right too. That is why when I go to work, I avoid wearing any watches. Many people ask why I never wear them on my left. Well, I have been train to use my right hand since birth.

Most watches are bulky, which makes it another reason why I avoid watches. I prefer digital watches as I tend to have problems reading regular analog type watches. Those with needles.

But when I browsing online, I discovered Seiko watches on ZALORA. I like how simple the design is and it looks nice to wear on the wrist. Like this particular design which I fell in love with. It the Seiko MULTI-DIAL WATCH. It black in colour with a bit of red in it design. I like how simple it is. Easy to match with clothes. Like that little black dress.

It does not look manly or look too metallic. I always wanted this style. I not the type who wear those fancy dress watches. 

The next watch that caught my eye is this 

This watch is also in black.  I prefer black as it easy colour to match. Unlike others colours where I would need to find the right clothes to match. I usually wear watch as accessories not to see time. That why i choose design then type.

The last one that caught my eye is

Although it is in gold, I love it for it feminine look. It make my hand look more slender. I tend to avoid gold colour but this watch makee take a second glance. 

People tend to say watches are not important to match with clothes. Thry are wrong as watches are important. They tend to complete a look like shoes.

So next time if you buying a watch do think if it is suitable for the style you looking for. As for me, y search continues...

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Snoopy Run

This was my 2nd run of 2016. It was held at the sport hub. The route is 5km but there stairs,  grass patch, bridges and road. Kinda bad if you want run and want get that timing.

The after run event only have lucky draw. No photo taking with mascot. Guess they rather not have cause there 10 000 people running.

The tshirt is rather translucent. Means can see your sport bras. I see different colours , design and brands.  But it great if you the kind who like to show off.

I wore my nike pro tights . I thought i will not see anyone wear the same but this girl wore too. Same design too.

The run seem to be rather a walk. It not easy to run. I see some nearly fall due to the uneven flooring.

The good thing is there a finisher certificate . Rare you get a physical type.  Mostly is e cert or none at all.

No merchandise sale. With this type, they can actually sell lots of stuff.
I notice nowadays run like to use compress sport.

Below are few pictures I manage to capture. Do share if you have more.

Next run is Bubble5k... 😀




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